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Survey Finds Tanning Still In Practice Among Youngsters Despite Risks


What’s New: A new survey in United States finds that despite efforts of educating people, many youngsters are still not aware of the risks of tanning and sun exposure.

Important Detail: American Academy of Dermatology conducted a national online survey and found that 58% of respondents between the ages of 18 to 29 think people appear more striking after they tan, and 71% agreed that sun exposure is a good health practice.

40% of the respondents attempted to get a tan by using a spray tan, a self-tanner, sun exposure and a tanning bed. Also, 25% of respondents were unaware of risk of wrinkles associated with sun exposure.

Conclusion: Dr. Zeo Draelos said that their survey revealed that age matters a lot in tanning, as the respondents below 30 years of age were more likely to get exposed to sun or use tanning beds. But they are unaware of the risk of skin cancer, premature aging skin and wrinkles due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation.