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Sports Hernia Linked To An Ordinary Hip Problem


What’s New: Femoral acetabular impingement, a hip disorder common in athletes, may be a risk factor for sports hernia in those athletes.

Important Detail: Orthopedic researchers from University of Virginia looked at the database of 43 patients who had sports hernia surgeries from 1999 and 2011.

X-rays, CT scans and MRIs showed some evidence of femoral acetabular impingement among 36 of those patients.

Lead study author Dr. Kostas Economopoulos said that the study revealed that the elevated stress across the groin is due to altered hip mechanics in patients with femoral acetabular impingement.

Conclusion: The study did not confirm that femoral acetabular impingement and odds of sports hernia share a cause-and-effect relationship. But the authors believe that the study can help physicians in recommending better treatment options to patients with this condition.