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Mercury Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Children’s ADHD Symptoms


What’s New: A new study suggests that kids born to mothers who were exposed to mercury during pregnancy likely to experience ADHD symptoms at the age of 8.

Important Detail: The study was aimed at determining whether more prenatal exposure to mercury causes more behavioral problems in children.

Researchers examined kids from the New Bedford, Mass., aged 8 and born between 1993 and 1988.

Researchers either measured mercury levels of the mothers during pregnancy or assessed them for their fish consumption.

The kids were given tests in order to determine whether their experience of ADHD symptoms. The researchers found that kids with mothers exposed to high levels of mercury were at 40 to 70 % higher risk of experiencing the behavioral problems.

Conclusion: It is not clear from the study that prenatal exposure to mercury has anything to do with kids’ behavioral problems. Also, kids whose mothers ate 2 servings of fish were more likely not to experience ADHD symptoms. But the mercury content of those fishes was not known. Thus, it is recommended that pregnant women should avoid eating fishes with high mercury content.