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Innovative Technique To Help Kids With Dyslexia


What’s New: A new study suggests that simply increasing the spacing between characters in a word noticeably improved reading speed and accuracy among dyslexia patients.

Important Detail: Researchers at the University of Padua, Italy analyzed outcomes of 40 French and 34 Italian dyslexia kids aged between 8 and 14 years who were instructed to read a text comprising 24 small, meaningful and unrelated sentences. The normal spacing between characters was raised by 2.5 font sizes, and each kid was asked to read those sentences 2 weeks apart to measure the differences in speed and correctness of reading.

Researchers found that increasing letter spacing increased participants reading speed by over 20% and led to two times increase in their reading accuracy.

Conclusion: The magnitude of benefit brought by spacing was surprising for the researchers and they believe that changing letter spacing in modern reading technologies like smart phones, reading tablets and e-books could be an easy and quick matter.