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Different Treatments For Ectopic Pregnancy Affects Fertility Similarly

140301What’s New: According to a new study, fertility rates remain almost same after women with ectopic pregnancy received different treatments for the condition.

Important Detail: Growth of fertilized egg outside the uterus is the condition that is known as ectopic pregnancy. In such cases, growth of fertilized egg takes place generally in the fallopian tubes increasing the miscarriage risk.

Researchers looked at the feasibility of the three methods: radical surgery; conservative surgery; and methotrexate injection.

The study was divided into parts: one based on the comparison between conservative and radical surgery and another based on comparison between conservative surgery and drug treatment.

After two years of treatment, fertility rates were found to be 64% among radical surgery group, 70% among conservative surgery group and 67% among methotrexate group.

Conclusion: Study author Dr. Perrine Capmas from the University Paris Sud said the three methods were compared for the first time in this randomized trial and were found to have similar effect on fertility rates.