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Dietary Fats May Affect the Sperm Quality


What’s New: Saturated fats bring drop in sperm count and detriment sperm quality whereas omega-3 fatty acids improve the sperm quality, a new study suggests.

Important detail: The study, led by Jill Attaman from Harvard Medical School, was aimed at investigating the effect of certain dietary fats on the fertility of men.

The research team assessed 99 men for their dietary habits and analyzed their semen samples and also measured the levels of fatty acids in 23 of them.

The participants were categorized into three group on the basis of their total fat consumption. Researchers found that those with highest intake of saturated fats has a 43% drop in their overall sperm count and 38% drop in their sperm concentration compared to those with least fat intake. Also, those with highest intake of omega-3 fatty acids had 1.9% better sperm quality than those with least intake.

Conclusion: Researchers believe that increasing intake of omega-3 fatty acids and decreasing intake of saturated fats could bring improvement in general health as well as reproductive health.

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