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Cancer Drug-Resistance Justified by Genetic Variation in Population of East Asia


What’s New: East Asian people possess an ordinary variation in BIM gene that affects the efficacy of tyrosine kinase inhibitor (TKI) drugs, which are used to treat some blood cell cancers.

Important Detail: Researchers made use of genome-wide sequencing to identify changes in DNA structure in samples of patients and discovered this East Asian BIM gene variant. Researchers also found that blighted production of BMI protein forms containing BH3.

Senior study author, S. Tiong Ong, at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School said that determination of how TKI resistance was caused by variation in BIM gene may offer potential for determination of a strategy to combat it.

Conclusion: According to researchers, addition of BH3-mimetics – a novel class of drugs – will help in restoration of gene BIM gene function and TKI resistance can be overcomes for such blood cell cancers.

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