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Botox may offer Relief from Urinary Incontinence among Women


What’s New: A new study has found that Botox (botulinum toxin) effectively treats the problem of overactive bladder (OAB), which causes a condition known as detrusor over activity (DO).

Important Detail: The researchers recruited 240 females suffering from serious DO who were not benefitted by 2 medication treatments. They found that symptoms of DO improved after single treatment with Botox: frequency of urination dropped by one or two times than usual, fewer feelings of urgency. They also stated that the effect of the treatment lasted for a maximum of six months.

The research was led by Dr. Douglas Tincello from the University of Leicester.

Conclusion: The findings are vital because Botox treatment is currently offered on the basis of earlier researches spinal injury patients but now with the new accurate information on the benefits and side effects of Botox treatment, the patients with DO will have an additional unapproved treatment option available for them and its upto them whether they want to opt it or not.