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Authoritative Parenting By Dads Develops Persistency In Their Kids


What’s New: According to a new study, persistence, the skill of performing better and involving less in criminal behavior, is gained by the kids from their fathers.

Important Detail: Researchers at the Brigham Young University followed kids aged between 11 and 14 in 325 families for many years.

Researchers found that authoritative parenting levels of 52% of the study fathers were above average and the kids of these fathers were considerably more prove to development of persistence.

The three basic features of authoritative parenting include offering love and warmth to kids, providing an appropriate autonomy level and highlighting of the reasons and liability behind the rules by father.

Conclusion: Co-author of the study Laura Padilla-Walker concluded that the fathers should involve in the lives of their kids and have high-quality interactions with them, no matter how many times they interact.