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A Visit to Seaside Brings Health Benefits


What’s New: Environment of coastal areas and countryside bring more health benefits than the environment of an urban park.

Important Detail: Katherine Ashbullby from the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) and Dr Mathew White from the University of Plymouth carried out a research together in which they analyzed data from 2,750 English people who responded to a 2-year study by Natural England based on involvement of people with natural environment. They assessed people who headed to the coast, the countryside and urban parks.

They found that all open-air sides bring positive feelings in people, with most brought by the coast and least brought by the urban parks. The finding stayed even after taking factors like age, distance travelled, companions and physical activities of the people into account.

Conclusion: Dr. White said that the study suggests that people should think beyond the usual rural vs urban discussion and evaluate the effect of different natural environments on their health and well-being.